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“Un Paisa” straight from Medellín, Colombia who went from South America to the American South to study comics and found themselves all over the states working in film and animation. With 9+ years of experience in storyboarding and writing in feature, television, and short form medium. Known for speed, self direction, quick wit, and passionate pleas for better stories.


 Professional Experience 



Vivarium Film, Black Rhino Films, OgilvyEntertainment, Cartoon Network Studios, DIODRAMA, Moonbot Studios, etc.

(storyboard artist, writer, director, consultant:  from mood boards for Australian detergent brands to creating and pitching shows, to consulting for writing, animation, and cultural values, these experiences have offered the most variety in terms of work and position. Further details can be provided)

- Studio Experience -

Warner Bros. Animation
(2021 May - Oct.)
(storyboard artist: visualized script pages alongside director. The show style called for cinematic shots, editing, and composition. Timed out boards / sequences to audio / songs)
Cartoon Network Studios
(2016 Mar. -  2021 Mar.)
The Fungies!
(storyboard artist, writer: helped envision the show's tone, characters, and story early on through the initial 5 shorts alongside the creator and board partner. Had freedom to rewrite episodes)
Victor & Valentino
(storyboard artist, writer: shaped the overall show alongside the creator, head writer, and board partner. Rewrote episodes from the ground up to strengthen characters and ideas)
Craig of the Creek
(storyboard artist, writer: before starting Vic & Val the studio asked to help the show, worked alongside the creators to craft the episode which was used as the blueprint for future episodes)
(storyboard artist: visualized script pages alongside director)
Blue Sky Studios
(2014 July -  2016 Mar.)
Ferdinand  (2017)
(story artist: worked alongside the story team with direction from the head of story and director. Took a simple assignment and ended up creating the visual styling / editing of the film)
Ice Age 5 (2016)
(jr. story artist-uncredited: under the head of story’s supervision, was given scenes to clean up / change depending on what the editors needed)
The Peanuts Movie (2015)
(jr. story artist, story trainee: started as a story trainee, got picked up by the head of story for some help reboarding some scenes before animatic lock)
(2013 Jan.  -  2014 Mar.)
Imaginext Adventers / Little People Music Videos / Juji-zoo / Thomas The Tank Engine / Laugh&Learn / etc.
(director, storyboard artist, design animator: joined the vizlab department as a board artist for a few of their shows / music videos based on IP. Directed small teams on shorts and music videos)

- Education -

Savannah College of Art and Design

(2008 Sep.  -  2012 Jun.)

BFA Sequential Art / Storyboard Minor

(created the SCAD Storyboard Club to help students expand their knowledge and work on storyboards, outstanding academic achievement award upon graduation)